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My name is Emily Stockdale and I am a contemporary abstract artist living in San Diego, CA.  I recently moved west after living in New York City for 14 years.  I am also an actor and voiceover artist and throughout my journey performing,  I painted to explore my creative freedom.  During this time, painting changed my perspective on myself and how I approach my life and other art forms.  When I paint, I enter a state of flow and  there are no rules, guidelines or expectations. I am self-taught and am drawn to the process of pushing my own boundaries and following my impulses.   Painting is my raw emotion, vulnerability and connection to the ethereal where everything seems random and complete at the same time.

I am drawn mostly to abstract subject matter and am inspired by my environment, surrounding energy, connection and emotional experiences.  I paint mostly in oil and acrylic and have recently started incorporating different techniques such as fluid painting, gold leaf and spray paint into my work.  I am currently working on several mural commissions in San Diego, and drawing much of my inspiration from the sea, light and the unique natural terrain of Southern California.

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